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We are Scientology auditors (Latin: audire = to hear, to listen). Just as our names says: We are listeners. We let you find your own answers to solutions. We do not tell you what to think, what you should do and what you shouldn't, or how you should organize your life.

Dianetic and Scientology techniques are directed at the spiritual you, the cognizant being. They differ greatly from any other known mental practice; no psychological, meditative or hypnotic elements are part
of it.

With L. Ron Hubbard’s1) unique and effective counseling procedures, called auditing, you will sort through the complexities of life and eliminate the hurdles that bar you from reaching your goals. We know that people are basically good and want to do things right. Traumatic experiences of the past, fixation on wrong solutions, false perceptions of life and missing knowledge are the main reasons why dreams don’t come true.

On your journey you will experience unexpected spiritual insights. You will discover that you often believed or were made to believe that certain aspects of your life had to be accepted and could not be changed or improved. You will realize that this is untrue. False perceptions will fade away and you will start traveling on a new road of greatly enhanced abilities.

You will not only improve yourself, but also learn to help others. You will gain the energy and strength that is necessary to achieve your goals. Life will become more rewarding and joyful.

We offer:
~ Workshops in communication and team management
~ Life coaching
~ Life improvement courses
~ Life Repair
~ Dianetic and Scientology Auditing up to Clear 2)

Our services are very personalized, with emphasis on intensive scheduling for people on the go. Since we are ministers our counseling is confidential, protected by the traditional pastor-parishioner confidentiality that is inviolate.

Your success is our measuring standard for quality and value of our work. According to L. Ron Hubbard a being is only as valuable as he or she can help others.

1) American Philosopher and humanitarian (1911-1986)

2) Clears are beings who have been cleared of wrong answers or useless answers which keep them from living or thinking (THE AUDITOR®Magazine 4 United Kingdom).


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