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Your successes at the ARC Team will be solely based on your interest and our standard implementation of L. Ron Hubbard’s works.

This page lets persons express their experiences while working with us. It represents but a limited view on what can be achieved.

Marriage Counseling

Thank you. I really, truly appreciate your help. I didn’t know what to do anymore. Didn't know how to handle the situation, my own feelings, anything.

But with your help I could re-gain ARC with my husband. It feels so good! We, of course, still have to figure out and work on lots of things together.... But it won’t be something painful any more.

I’m so happy that I can share laughter again with my husband, trust him and communicate with him. I’m happy that I can be happy for him.
I was pushing off other people, I rejected to communicate and tried to keep a distance. That felt awful. I guess I was trying to be the victim while attacking and hurting people around me! I’m glad that I’m not doing that anymore.

It wasn’t easy to go through the sessions. Sometimes it was extremely embarrassing, uncomfortable, irritating, and sometimes it looked hopeless! But I’m glad that we went through it and I really appreciate my auditor for his patience, understanding and very kind support. You are such a warm person that was also a great relief for me.

My dear ARC Team, you are doing a great job! There must be hardships sometimes, working in a field like this. But please do continue and be active to help more people smile. I had doubt about the technique, but now I know it and experienced it.

You have such a wonderful job!


Communications workshop

I am glad having completed the communication course and to having learned a lot of new tools. I really look forward to practicing and applying these new tools.

Some of the drills were hard, but I got through them and they became more comfortable and easier.

As my first contact with Scientology I was excited to learn about the reactive and analytical minds as well as the of the ARC triangle. This makes a lot of sense to me and makes it easier to understand people and especially myself.

I look forward to improving my communication skills and also to other courses to help me in life.


Course Completion

My wife and I just completed the “How to improve your marriage” course. We are very happy with the outcome. The tools we acquired are practicable and applicable, and coming to understand them and their use was made all the easier by the well-designed course materials. In particular, the use of the demo kit helped us both truly grasp the core principles of the course. Well presented and well monitored, I would recommend this course to anyone working to improve and raise a marriage.

C. S-C.

Course Completion

The “How to be a successful parent” course was absolutely incredible. My relationship with my daughter has improved to the point that I understand her as a being so much better. I get her reality and I even understand her upsets and, therefore, I can handle them. We have a happier family and we keep on creating with the tools we just got. I am applying these tools on a daily basis now, not robotically, but I am thinking with them and I am learning how to create a better survival for all of us in our family.


Auditing Assist

I have had so much fun doing this “pregnancy assist”. Today things were speedy! I had an enormous win with suddenly realizing that I was not only not afraid of childbirth or delivery (which petrified me before), but that I had no negative feelings or considerations attached to it!
I am so happy that this has come about for me because it was a scary thing to look at before.

Yee how! Bring it on!


Auditing Assist

I had a wonderful time getting this assist! It was fantastic and wrapped-up my auditing that I received prior to the birth of my child. I never had any Dianetic Auditing before and it was quite spectacular. It is funny to see that your own considerations are so powerful that they can stick even if you mean it only a little bit.

This was great and I had a great time!


Auditing Assist

I am so deeply impressed upon by the degree of caring I have received here. I have felt so totally cared for with a deeply spiritual viewpoint that mending occurred on several levels.

I have been happy and successful up to this point in life, but I was becoming frustrated that I could not see how to expand any further. I kept pushing and pushing, but things got more and more stressful until my body went down several months ago. Under the auditor’s gentle, persistent guidance I was able to not only mend my body, but to discover a twenty year operating basis that was preventing me from expanding any further. I was just not going to be able to expand my spheres of influence any more as long as this was sitting there. I was essentially stopped! But the heavens parted and the angles sang and a whole new level of ethics appeared and I see how to not only return to my life with a healthy body, but to create a much better life! I am deeply grateful!


Life Repair

I just completed life repair. Wow, what a difference! I have had so many wins. I feel incredibly alive and huge as a being. It is such a fabulous feeling and not easily put into words.

It feels like the stops have been removed from my life. I have discovered and rediscovered a lot about myself. I feel energized and full of excitement for life. Also, I no longer feel closed in on myself. I feel wide open and expanded. It is a really incredible auditing that I highly recommend!

Thank you ARC Team for helping me rediscover myself! I can really breath again! It is so amazingly wonderful how good it feels!


Happiness Rundown

I had a session today on my Happiness Rundown and I realized that since I started this auditing that I’m more aware of what is more survival for me to do. Basically, I can walk down the right roads so that I obtain freedom!

I can see what is ethical and what isn’t and I’m more aware of this than before the auditing.

I look forward to getting through this rundown and coming out the other end as a renewed being that is on his way to a much more survival existence!


General Auditing

I have experienced a very profound change of viewpoint. I really do see things and people and situations around me in a very different light and with a more charitable opinion. Other people have become more real to me and I was for the first time able to really see situations, past and present, through the eyes of another. I feel like I understand other people better, and with that my faith in, and tolerance of others has come up. This is huge to me.

I have also regained the willingness to cause changes in my own life, and to be willing to experience their consequences.
I have also found that I can influence the lives of others - for the better – and feel that this is very worthwhile!



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