We are an independent group of specialists, licensed to employ the life improvement and management technologies as developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

Our team members are:

Ingrid Keller

Ingrid is in charge of our technical divisions and heads our delivery and qualifications departments.

She is a Scientology minister, highest classified Scientology auditor and specifically trained to program and supervise the progress of our clients.
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Maya Keller

Maya Keller is a Scientology minister and also a highly trained auditor.

She heads the executive divisions and is part of our delivery team. Additionaly she will represent our group as
a Scientology Volunteer Minister in case of national or international emergencies.
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Iris Ohnhäuser

Iris is in charge of our public divisions. She is a Scientology minister and a highly trained Scientology auditor.

She is part of our delivery team and specializes in giving introductory sessions. She also supervises our Life Improvement Courses.
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